Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara

Many will agree that the Nissan Navara is the most popular pick-up truck in the UK, especially in the caravanning world, but do you need to have yours checked by Nissan?

Nissan are being asked to recall a significant number of their popular 4×4 Navara, after photos and reports started showing up online, from concerned owners who saw their strong and reliable truck snap in half, after having the chassis rust in specific areas.


Nissan are aware of this serious security issue and have said that might only be present in a “relatively small number” of previous generation D40 Navaras and has put measures in place to “quickly resolve the concerns of any customers”.

Although the manufacturer is offering some Navara owners a free safety inspection, calls are being made for a full safety recall.

Nissan Navara Snapped Chassis FB Group

Richy Holmes set up the Facebook Group after seeing his Navara snap in half with his daughter and pregnant wife inside, while towing a caravan – “I was only going a few miles an hour. I dread to think what could’ve happened if I’d been going faster.”

If you have a model that has been registered between 2005 and 2011, you definitely should call Nissan, voice your concerns and book a free safety check.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen an issue this big. According to ITV, more than 40,000 Navaras were recalled in Australia in 2013 over fears the towbar could crack due to its design.

Any concerned customers are advised to telephone Nissan on 0330 123 1231.